High Gloss Homemakers

Leaving a little sparkle everywhere we go!

“A passion to help people” is what drives Shauna to excel. Not only to help her clients, but also the people she employs, giving them meaningful work, and helping them to feel accomplished and successful also.

Who are we?

Shauna started High Gloss Homemakers in 2015 with the intention of helping seniors stay in their homes a little longer by providing cleaning and household services to them. She thought there would be a niche market for her business plan.

Some 250 clients later, Shauna is as busy as a “one-armed paper hanger.” She had no idea her little business would grow so popular, not only with seniors, but with busy families pressed for time. As her reputation grew, new commercial clients started asking for her services. Cleaning, meal preparation, gardening, laundry; these kinds of time-consuming jobs are performed with expertise by Shauna’s team. If there is a special job you would like to be done, just ask, says Shauna with a big smile.

However, house cleaning, construction cleaning and commercial cleaning remains the base of the business. High Gloss Homemakers use only pet safe, food safe and septic safe cleaners. Their cleaning equipment has been researched extensively for effectiveness and reliability. They strive to purchase their supplies and equipment locally, believing in giving back to the community that supports their business.

My husband, Greg joined the business a bit after opening to help manage the bookkeeping and also pitched in to help with some of the landscaping, gardening, snow removal, home repairs/renovations and commercial floor care divisions of the business. Greg keeps very busy all seasons of the year. 

If you have too many routine jobs at home and not enough time, give Shauna a call today. Her team is ready to roll up their sleeves.